Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monthly Favourites: February

Hey everyone, so it's the end of February and since I'm new to the blogging world, I thought I'd share some of my favourite products recently so you guys can learn a little more about me and you could tell me what you've loved this month!

Real Techniques Brushes

I've loved these ever since I've got them. The buffing and stippling brushes apply foundation so quickly that it's cut my makeup application time in half. The contour brush is perfect for Chanel Bronze Universal and I don't have brush hairs in my product as these insanely soft synthetic brushes don't shed.

Available at Boots

Armani fluid sheer #10

Got this on eBay for a lot cheaper, and glad I did. The shimmer is so fine, so it's perfect to mix in with your foundation for some all over radiance or to use separately as a highlighter wherever you want to attract light on your face, collar bones etc. #10 is a lovely golden colour with a slight hint of peach and has a easy to control pump so it's unlikely you would waste any product. As far as highlighters go, this is probably the most sophisticated one I've used.

Estee Lauder Topaz Chameleon

I missed out on Modern Mercury, but will pick it up when I'm in India as everything releases late over there and thank god for that as I have been dreaming of what kind of glow that would give me! Topaz Chameleon is a highly pigmented very shimmery copper that looks absolutely stunning on tan and dark skin tones but can also be used with a very light hand if you have a lighter complexion. I like to use this over my Nars Casino as it awakens any bronzer to make you look like the golden glowing goddess like models that pop up in Vogue & Harper's Bazaar in the summer. 

Inglot Liquid Blush #87

This blush is dummy proof. Seriously so easy blendable and simple to apply with fingers and a lovely everyday subtle colour. Lasts really long feels smooth on the skin

Nars 'Casino' Bronzer

My everyday, highly pigmented contour/bronzer.

Mac 'Woo mee' Kissable Lip Colour

Amazing texture, repromoted with the Shop/Cook Mac Collection - might need backups! Long lasting, doesn't dry out the lips and a great pinky nude!

No 17 'Peach' Mirror Shine Lipstick

One of my all time favourites, on my lips its a hot pinky coral. The best kind of lipstick formula as its so hydrating. I pretty much carry this colour everywhere, especially in the summer with a tan. Also a great way of joining the 'orange' lipstick trend if you're not brave enough to wear a full in orange. If I could describe this is in one word: JUICY

Snob Lipstick

Was always scared of this but now have no idea why - picked it up free when I was Back to MACing and now it's pretty much the only light pink I use.

Topshop Infrared Lipstick

Gives envious orange lips, great formula and very affordable at £8

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

Free in Elle's March issue. In my opinion, this mascara is on par with Diorshow. Nonetheless, everyones lashes are different, and what works for me might not work for you but its such a good deal so don't miss it!

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

All time favourite eyeliner. Stays on even until I wake up in the morning. It's the richest black I've every used, and I've tried so many (Chanel, YSL, Many Arabic and Indian brands etc) The only con is that it's so soft that I have to sharpen it with each use but that just might be because I wear A LOT of eyeliner. I highly recommend it.
Available at

Illamasqua Emerge Cream Pigment

I came across this as my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach was finishing and I was angry! I was angry because of the fact that i paid £17 for 1.4grams of product. It might be a great product but that's no excuse. Anyway the MA at Illamasqua applied this underneath my eyes and it cancelled and concealed each and every ounce of dark circles. Highly recommend if you're medium olive skintone like I am, lighter or darker complexions may have to layer your normal concealer over it.


  1. I *love* the Real Techniques brushes and the Nars bronzers as well. I may have to check out the Armani Fluid Sheer. It looks fantastic.

    1. Definitely do! Really great and you don't need much of it all :)

  2. Real Techniques <3 I can't wait to try a Topshop lippy aswell I've got my eye on a pink one as I'm not brave enough for the bright shades yet :P xxx

    1. :) maybe in the summer!. I agree really want to pick up more. xx

  3. The liquid blush looks really nice, I'm going to have to try it!! :) x x xx

    1. :) its also a good cheaper alternative for the makeup forever liquid blushes and clarins new ones for spring! xxx

  4. I love kissable lipcolours!!!
    I'd like to try the real technique brushes!!
    Kisses from Greece xxx

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! - I love them too and the brushes are really good quality without having to spend that much (like MAC) and to my knowledge they are starting to be sold worldwide so if it's still not available where you are I would hold out and wait a little because I'm sure they'll come soon :)


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