Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair & Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Serums

So you may realise I'm really enjoying blogging, I wish I started earlier, but hey, better late then never. Since I have been using both these serums for around 5 months now, I thought I could deliver quite a thorough review.

Little background, I have dry sensitive skin with rosacea on my cheeks. Let's start with Advanced Night Repair. The Estee Lauder MA at House of Fraser recommended this to use before my moisturiser claiming that it would help me get the most out of it and keep my skin from getting dehydrated. The serum promises to 'repair' your skin as you are asleep - sounds like a pretty smart product!

Determined to do something about my dry skin - I mean by makeup was fading within 4 hours - I used it religiously every night. No joke, I saw results within a week, my skin felt plumper, more radiant, pigmentation decreased and it my skin wasn't dry at the end of the day. Whilst it didn't solve all my makeup issues - it definitely helped. Nonetheless, I did realise that if I stopped using it for a while, my skin issues would return. I don't know if that's because it takes extended use to change your skin's texture or if that's just the kind of product it is. Even still, this observation just makes me want to use it more. 

Directions: Every night, after cleansing skin, use 4-5 drops and pat onto skin. Follow with moisturiser

Packaging: Simple and easy to use drop style dispenser, clearish bottle also lets you know how much you have left. I've gone through a little more than half the 50ml bottle in 5 months, in my opinion that's pretty good value.

Product: Smooth clear consistency and absorbs quickly

Price: £41 for 30ml, £54 for 50ml (get it at duty free for cheaper if you can)

I've heard good reviews from people with combination skin as well, however mixed ones with people with oily skin. I suppose this is because the serum is quite hydrating, but maybe this could be fixed by using a light gel based moisturiser?

So far so good, would repurchase just based on the fact my skin isn't as dry anymore. Even made my Mum buy it.

Onto the next... Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator. Now this product seems to claim to do everything under the sun - reduce marks & hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, radiance yadda yadda yadda. I'm always quite sceptical about such promises but after getting results with Advanced Night Repair I decided to try it out.. You're supposed to use it twice a day, morning and night, and see results within two weeks. It's suitable for all skin types and is oil free. 

I suppose you could say I have a love hate relationship with this and it's because I have seen a difference with my complexion and redness but it dries out my skin (I only use it during the day), so sort of reverses the benefits of Advanced Night Repair. Therefore, who knows - it might be a godsend for combination/oilier skins. Still, I continue to use it and just make sure my skin is extremely well moisturised after and sometimes I add a drop or two of Advanced Night Repair to my moisturiser/tinted moisturiser/foundation. Also, unlike the the other serum the results don't seem to fade away which is a big plus!

Directions: Apply one pump twice a day. Smooth on to skin and follow with moisturiser

Packaging: Convenient pump, bottle is opaque though so you cannot tell how much you've used.

Product: Perlescent looking consistency. Easily absorbed.

Price: £46 for 30ml, £62 for 50ml

Finally, I do have to conclude that with the use of both serums I'm now able to get away with the coverage of a tinted moisturiser and concealer (cheeks & under eyes). So until/if I find something better I will keep using them. Let me know your experiences with serums, and I hope this post was beneficial in some way!


  1. Lovely post. I really need to sort out my skin care regime!!

    Follow back if you like...

  2. Thanks a bunch! I know what you mean, I'm still tweaking mine! x

  3. great review! Sometimes I dunno if those products that claim they even out the skin tone really works, Ive tried a few but havent seen any results.

    The Ugly Moments

    1. I agree, unfortunately for our wallets i think it's all about trying and testing to see what works for you :)

  4. Ooh, good review. I'd been looking at these online and this is very helpful.

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    1. Thanks! I just checked your blog out - i really enjoyed it, keep up the blogging! x

  5. Found you on beautylish, following you :)

    Hope you can follow me too <3

  6. Oo the MUA put this on me (the night serum) before matching me to a foundation the other day + I must say this intrigued me.
    This review makes me want it more haha.

    Laura xoxo

  7. If you've been using this Estee Lauder product for five months it makes the most credible advanced night repair product reviewer ever. Keep it up. XOXO

    1. Thanks so much - what an amazing compliment! I'm still using it and I'm still in love with it :) xxx

  8. I have dry and very sensitive skin, and not many skin creams work for me; Neutrogena used to work, but it has all these harmful chemicals! AND they dont work well at night. I would need something much heavier to last the night. I started using the Made from Earth Olive Night Creme and seems to visibly smooth out my skin and leave it with a nice feel.

    The consistency is very light and almost has a "whipped" look to it, and the first time I slathered it on my face and neck it was absorbed in seconds. It has a pleasant aroma, and I especially love it on my neck and upper chest area, which soaks it up like a sponge.

    Well worth having if you like to vary your face creams and try something new, especially if you want a thick night cream.

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