Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review & Swatches: Nars Gaeity Blush

I decided to treat myself, for no apparent reason really, and checked out Nars' Spring/Summer collection.

I know everybody hates on the packaging and even if one keeps it properly, the rubber will always attract foundation, powder etc.. If that happens, just take some mac brush cleanser, spray it on (spray bottle - cheap as chips in Superdrug and much more efficient way of using brush cleanser) the packaging and wipe off - tadaa! Clean Nars packaging!..

Now I love pink blush, it's youthful, pretty and for rosacea sufferers like me doesn't emphasise redness. The release of this cool candy colour has got me thinking, as Nars' Desire blush isn't available on the UK website anymore, will Gaeity be replacing it? I know it's said to be limited edition but as many of you know that limited edition Nars products are available on their website.. I went into slight panic as I had always refrained from buying 'the perfect pink' as Mario Dedivanovic named it, because Sleek's Pixie Pink seems like a pretty good dupe. Well, i guess we're going to have to find out soon! Ahhh! Is there a makeup rehab out there? One of those spa type ones? Or is that cheating due to beauty products at the spa? Hmmmmm......

Gaeity gives an extremely pretty glow against my olive complexion, it is very pigmented but doesn't translate so upon wear. I never bought MAC's Well Dressed thinking it wouldn't show up on me but think the effect would be similar to Gaeity. Something I don't understand is why warm toned skintones should look away from this as some reviews have stated. I say, a cooler blush would look good if you pair it with a nudish lip or even just to break up a monotone warm makeup look. Nonetheless, i dont think darker skintones would like this as it could turn ashy... but fair to medium = YAY!

Swatches left to right: Nars Angelika, Nars Mata Hari, Nars Gaeity, SleekMakeUp Pixie Pink

Anyway, I'm really glad i picked it up - impeccable Nars quality as always. Long lasting, pigmented and smooth, I'll do a FOTD with it soon. The collection on the whole is lovely, I'm eyeing the Mexican Rose chubby lip pencil thing. What do you guys think?
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