Friday, 16 March 2012

Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2012: Sun in the City & Spicy Coral Review & Swatches

I remember when I was younger I used to play with my Mom's Guerlain makeup. There's something about luxury makeup - I mean I love brands like Sleek, Bourjois, Avon, Loreal - the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, I feel different when I use certain brands and Guerlain is definitely one of them! 

So, when this collection hit stores, Debenhams in particular - I went to check it out. Now the thing about me, I love highlighting products so I tend to go a little nuts with them. But please, guys, look at it just look at it!

'Sun in the City' is embossed with the most beautiful, intricate, opulent (more adjectives?!) design ever. The compact itself is huge - 15g of product! I don't think I'll ever get through that and thankfully so because I don't think I could buy another. In the UK it retails for £43 (try Duty Free and save a little). Insane yes, but if you're having trouble accepting that - try see its value over time and the fact that it's never going to run out, unless you're bathing in it. 

Swatch: Sun in the City - Top: Blended, Bottom: One swipe

The colour of the product is like liquid yellow gold and you can control its intensity quite easily even though it is highly pigmented. I skipped on Cruel Gardinia from the Spring collection (stunning as well) as I felt it was too pink toned for me, and in my opinion this is more suited to warmer skin tones. I'm really looking forward to use this, on its own and over matte blushes! Does anybody see a trend with all the cool looking embossed shimmer powders coming up….? Nonetheless, the colour isn't all that unique and is quite easily dupable - check out Topshop's Sunbeam £8, or Benefit's Sunbeam that is coming to the UK soon, another gold toned highlight) - but it's lovely as a collectors piece or if you love gold illuminators!

My next pick from the collection was the liquid blush in #03 Spicy Coral (15ml, £28, Guerlain recommends this for brunettes). The is another shade, Sunny Pink (recommended for blondes)  that is a pinky coral with gold shimmer through it and it reminds me so much of Nars Orgasm so I passed on that, and plus I though that I could just layer Sun in the City over a pinky blush and get the same effect. Moving on to the blush I bought, what can I say I'm a sucker for anything orange/tangerine. The camera doesn't pick up the golden shimmer in it, but yes it does have a fair amount - I love it, and against a tan I think it would be heaven. Does it compare to Nars Taj Mahal or Gina? Taj Mahal is more of a burnt orange, and Gina is a matte much lighter tangerine. 

Swatch top to bottom: blended, full on colour 

Edit: Keep in mind, both products have the typical floral/perfumey Guerlain scent so it might bother/irritate some of you.

I'm really enjoying both these items! What are your favourite highlighters? 


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