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My (Must Have) MAC Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches

Edit: I'm in the process of updating my MAC palette, although I like this version - I wanted a bit of a change so I'll be creating a new post on it soon :)

For a long time I wasn't happy with my 15 Pan Palette, I had a bunch of shadows that didn't really suit my skin tone and colours that were extremely similar - I was sort of just buying popular colours that I saw other people buying and not really making my own choice. I was determined to create a palette that I was excited by and so when I looked at it I wouldn't feel like I needed anything else. I don't think the latter claim will be possible but I think I could control that urge by looking through my eyeshadow collection or mixing colours. 

One thing I feel is really important - shadow placement - it makes such a difference to how your palette looks and you'll get more inspired to create different looks. So take some time looking at your colours and organising them in a manner so that you'll get the most out of them, It doesn't necessarily have to be from light to dark or warm to cool.

I have other colours too but these colours are the ones I feel go good together and that I travel with. Also I do have 2 Urban Decay shadows in this palette - they are from the new reformulated line where the pan pops out but I just depotted them out of its packaging as I really didn't care for Urban Decay's new 6 pan palette (it's a nice idea but it's too bulky for me). I just picked these up and am so impressed - LOVE!

Row #1 

Retrospeck (Lustre) - MAC describes this as a 'Beached Blonde' and I would agree - It's soft shimmery pale gold that a less warm than your average gold. This is my brightening shade - I like it for my medium complexion as it's not as stark as something like Shroom which just looks white on me. Texture wise - even though it's a Lustre finish I find it quite smooth and it doesn't give me any fall out issues. Retrospeck is a great face highlighter too

Tan pressed Pigment - I find using a pigment pressed is so much easier and I tend to use it nonstop instead of it being in some messy jar at the back of my drawer. I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian like using this shade when going for a light shimmery smokey eye - it's soft of a pinky light gold shimmery colour. Tan adds a wonderful shimmer to any look and is fun layering over your look to give it an extra dimension. Sometimes it can be a little too shimmery but I've sort of learned not to over apply it and place it carefully where I want shimmer. This also, like Retrospeck or any shimmery light eyeshadow, can be used to highlight the high points of your face.

Cork (Satin) - A great matte mid tone brown blending colour or to define the crease. I really like this to worm up cool looks that could wash me out - Cork adds the right amount of warmth without stealing the show. It's also great for eyebrows. It's very similar to Buck in Urban Decay's Naked Palette. Also, I use this to contour my nose lightly with a fluffy blending brush.

Swatches (Left to Right): Retrospeck, Tan Pigment, Cork

Row #2

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) - If you're thinking about it, give in to the hype and get it. I love this antique gold with pearl but I've heard it can turn orange or green on some so I'd try it out in store to be sure. I like using this on it's own and once blended out from the lid to crease it develops another tone - almost duo-chrome like. I think this Veluxe Pearl is so much smoother than the rest - really one of MAC's softest and most pigmented shadows.

Cranberry (Frost) - This is a really smooth plum with pink shimmer. This is another colour that looks amazing when added to neutral looks and blending out darker colours into the crease. If buying this I recommend getting it in a pro pan form if you are planning to put it on a palette because because it's very soft it can shatter easily.

Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl) - This is a coppery brown shade that is great paired with heavy black liner for a deep smoky sultry look. It really looks great on brown eyes but I think the trick is to pack it on to get a nice rich pay off.

Swatches (left to right): Woodwinked, Cranberry, Antiqued

Row #3

Tempting (Lustre) - When I got this shadow I was choosing between Bronze and this and ended up choosing Tempting as it was a little cooler and in my opinion more versatile - its a lovely coco bronze. This has got to be the best Lustre finish that MAC has - it's so pigmented, smooth and shimmery! I like using this colour with blues as well as Retrospeck. I have Romp as well and I don't see the difference between the two.

Chocolate Brown pressed Pigment - This looks darker than it actually is - again it's very shimmery and easy to overuse but its nice to glam up neutral looks if you're feeling bored. It doesn't have very strong red undertones and blended out it's easy to wear everyday. Again green eyes are definitely going to shine with this kind of colour. It's a great staple pigment but I really suggest buying samples and pressing them - it's cheaper and you'll never use a whole jar of pigment anyway.

Rockstar (Shimmer) - This is an amazing smoky purple. I feel like it's more neutral compared to other purples and so I can see myself wearing this a lot especially with Beauty Marked and Cranberry. The texture of these shadows is unbelievable - it almost feels like a cream. I'm so happy with these shadows it's going to be hard not to buy more.

Swatches (Left to Right) Tempting, Chocolate Brown Pigment, Rockstar

Row #4

Satin Taupe (Frost) - I don't know why I held of getting this shadow for so long - I can't live with this taupy purply shade! It's a MAC classic and I definitely think it's worth it. Satin Taupe has a smooth pearl that runs through it and works equally well with warm colours as it does with cool. I haven't met anyone who this shadow doesn't look good on.

Greensmoke (Lustre) - One of my first MAC shadows - it's like a dirty green (but in a nice way) with greyish undertones. It's probably my favourite green of all time just because it's not full on colour so I don't have to think about going overboard with my eye makeup. It also has a nice gold shimmer through it - if you haven't seen it before, next time you're at MAC I suggest swatching it. 

Loaded (Shimmer) - Just wow! This is a greenish/teal colour with a black base. It can be used to deepen a look as it goes on very dark and once blended some of the greenish hues are lost. My favourite way to use this is over a green base and packed on to achieve it's true colour. Again - this is uber pigmented and so soft. Urban Decay's new eyeshadows are really something to look at.

Swatches (Left to Right) Satin Taupe, Greensmoke, Loaded

Row #5

Atlantic Blue (Matte) - At first glance this is a basic cobalt blue but once applied the violet tones in the shadow really show through. Blues look great on brown eyes and since it's purple undertone I can use this both with blue looks or purple ones. My favourite way of using this is with Romp all over the lid and Atlantic blue in the outer V - it may seam strange but blues and bronze tones look great together. 

Deep Truth (Frost) - is a deep blue with an eye catching pearl. If you pack it on you can get that intense blue colour but when blended it just adds depth and darkens things up. I find a lot of people like Deep Truth and MAC comes out with many variations of this colour in their million and one collections. Again, amazing with brown eyes.

Beauty Marked (Velvet) - I remember having this colour a long time ago and then losing it - I really loved it and I think it used to be a better texture. Any one else find this? In any case I prefer this to black as I find it has a more interesting effect - it's basically an off black with purple glitter. I find if you pack it on you can get that purple tone to show but it doesn't have the greatest texture.

Swatches (Left to Right): Atlantic Blue, Deep Truth, Beauty Marked 

Swatches (Left to Right): Retrospeck, Tan Pigment, Cork, Woodwinked, Cranberry, Antiqued. Tempting, Chocolate Brown Pigment, Rockstar, Satin Taupe, Greensmoke, Loaded, Atlantic Blue, Deep Truth, Beauty Marked

I know a lot of people have their 'Neutral Palette' and this is my take on it - I realise it's not all browns and beiges but I tend to wear a lot of smoky shades and dark colours so this is the perfect mix colour and neutrals for me - plus colours don't have to be applied as vibrant as they appear!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, please tell me some of your favourite shadows. Others worth mentioning are definitely Club (a green/red duochrome) but I already have a dupe for that by MUA, Amber Lights (it's a little to orange for me though), Fig 1 is a great plummy matte colour with a better texture than Sketch. Brown Script is easily one of the softest MAC shadows and it would be in this palette if the Louise Young Essential Eye Palette (that I use in conjunction with all my eyeshadows) didn't have a similar colour, Smut is soft of muted black with mauvey/red undertones - when I mix Rockstar + Beauty Marked I get the same thing. Lastly I really like Urban Decay's Mushroom (intense true taupe)

Also last thing - I'm dying to depot my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palette to have everything in one Z Palette or Uni Palette. Please give me your thoughts because I have a feeling I might regret it - I just feel I like using them together and it would just be easier but I don't the Z palette to look scruffy. Let me know what you think because as far I as I have searched online, not many people have done so.


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