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Nars Blush Collection + Swatches, Review & Nars Blush Giveaway (International)!! CLOSED

I know it seems I'm a bit of a Nars fanatic and well… that's because I am! I love the quality, pigmentation, consistency of most of their line - and even though they are pigmented there's a translucency that doesn't cause it to be overpowering. With the right brush - these blushes can definitely be buildable. . However, the thing I like most about their blush range are the colours! In my opinion it is an extremely well executed array of shades and even though there are a lot of shimmery ones, I don't feel as though the shimmer takes away from the blush, instead I feel it adds a glowy look (at least with the shades I have! I haven't tried glittery ones like Super Orgasm!) I started this collection a little over a year ago and buy most of them on ASOS when they have sales and a couple from Space NK. (GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THIS POST!)

Madly & Luster

Left to Right - Madly, Luster

Madly (Shimmer) - described by Nars as a 'soft seashell pink', I don't really agree with their description - it is rosier than Luster but not obviously so. I would describe it as mix of terracotta/brown/tan with a slight peachy undertone with a little bit of gold shimmer that doesn't really show but just stops it from being flat. I love this colour! It warms up the complexion without looking too obvious and can be paired with any look. I also feel like I can't go overboard with Madly which is refreshing for Nars' blushes. If you were wondering MAC's Warm Soul is a lot peachier and has more shimmer/glitter.

Luster (Shimmer) - 'A sheer golden apricot'. This description I do agree with - it's sort of like Taj Mahal for really fair complexions. On my olive complexion, again I can wear it with anything but I prefer it when I have a have a cooler toned eye look as I feel it balances out nicely, or layer it over a matte blush. It is pretty pigmented but delivers a translucent effect if that makes sense, your skin is still visible through - it does have a sheen which transfers to be a really glowy effect! I have posted a FOTD with this. I've heard that it can look a little reddish on some, especially fair skintones so if you are unsure I'd recommend trying it out first. Darker skins can use this as a highlight. 

A lot of people say if you have are pink toned go for Madly and if you are yellow toned then you'll be more suited towards Luster. I personally love both so I can't comment! Oh and both these colours blend in with bronzer so well its ridiculous!

Taj Mahal & Exhibit A

Left to Right - Taj Mahal, Exhibit A

Taj Mahal (Shimmer)-  Probably my favourite blush of them all, this blush is extremely unique and I haven't been able to find something like it as yet. This colour is a burnt orange with a golden glow shot through it. It is also extremely pigmented but when used correctly it gives of a gorgeous effect! This blush is widely regarded to be amazing on darker skins and I would have to agree as the orange tones give the illusion of a natural beaming complexion. If your are fair, you will have to be careful and literally dab your brush with it as it can be easily overdone. Nonetheless if used correctly fairer skin will enjoy a 'I've been on holiday' look. I use this blush all year round and am quite obsessed!

Exhibit A (Matte) -  The newest addition to my collection. I was definitely part of the 'I'm not going near Exhibit A blush' group. I mean, me, I already have redness in my skin why do I want to add more? Then the day came, around six months ago - I tried it on at the Nars counter just to see what it was like - bearing in mind I used the tiniest bit! I was surprised to realise that this red leaned very orange and was more so a warm red than a cool blue undertoned one. Due to this is actually can look the most natural of them all. After trying out BlushingPixie's way of using this, I completely agree with her method and enjoy this blush by pairing it with a sheer red or orangey lip colour! It's definitely a try before you buy sort of colour and regardless of what you complexion - use sparingly on already powdered cheeks and blend blend blend! 

Gaeity & Angelika

Left to Right - Gaeity, Angelika

Gaiety -  A coolish candy pink - I've already done a separate review on it so click here to check it out!

Angelika (Matte with glittery bits) - Pink and sparkly! What more could a girl want? Be aware that the sparkle is easily tapped of your brush if that's your preference. This pink is amazing for all complexions and in my opinion looks great on warmer complexions - because of its golden shimmer overlay. StrippedCanvas sports it incredibly well. I think out of all my pink blushes, this one is the easiest to wear and really complements natural looks and doesn't take away from eyes or lips but pulls the look together. It's a great layering blush as well - I highly recommend it.

Desire & Mata Hari

Left to Right - Desire, Mata Hari

Desire (Matte) - This is a great all round pink - if you need a pink blush. Go for this one regardless of your complexion. Seriously it's bright but it transfers onto the skin as a sheer translucent wash on the cheeks making you look youthful and girly - I can't be without it! I first heard about it from Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic as he describes it as the perfect pink blush. I love this when paired with Nars' Laguna or Madly bronzer and will work for every skintone - very pretty combination that I learned when I was at a Nars Masterclass! 

Mata Hari (Matte) - is a pinky mauve colour. I tend to go for this colour more so in the winter or when I want something polished and understated. Also, I find this colour complementary on both warm complexions. I imagine it to give a similar effect to Sin but without the sparkle - but I don't have Sin to compare. It  This blush is very elegant and versatile and I think for cooler complexions it's definitely a winner.  

Amour & Gina 

Left to Right - Amour, Gina

Amour (Matte) - a peachy pink colour with slight reddy undertones - a great staple for any blush collection. It's similar, not exact, to Orgasm without the golden shimmer - just a tad more reddish. A great summer blush - it looks incredibly natural on the skin but at the same time adds a little something special to your look as even though it's matte it's not a flat shade. I love this colour with a greenish eye look. I don't see this blush talked about much and I hope that changes because I'm tired of the orgasm hype!

Gina (Matte) -  a pure tangerine and my first Nars blush! This is summer in a blush and I love it! Seriously so flattering and I wouldn't have paid much attention to it if not for Ingrid (MissGlammorazi on Youtube) What can I say? I enjoyed this colour so much that it triggered my Nars blush obsession! Any colour that can do that is pretty amazing in my opinion and paired with Luster is a lovely combination, but if you have an ebony skin tone I would suggest Taj Mahal over Gina. This and orange lips = perfection.

Swatches Left to Right: Madly, Luster, Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Gaeity, Angelika, Desire, Mata Hari, Amour, Gina

The next on my list is Liberte! What's your colour?

Now……. time for the GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED) One lucky winner will receive a Nars blush of their choice: 

Powder Blush: Orgasm, Deep Throat, Taos, Torrid, Lovejoy, Gina, Sin, Luster, Madly, Exhibit A, Taj Mahal, Amour, Desire, Gaeity, Mata Hari, Angelika, Liberte, Douceur, Nico, Sex Appeal, Nico, Oasis, Silvana, Zen, Gilda, Dolce Vita, Super Orgasm, Albatross

Cream Blush: Cactus Flower, Goldmember, Penny Lane, Lokoum, Constantinople, Montenegro 


Now the only thing is - I cannot guarantee availability of some of the blushes especially limited edition or exclusive ones but as of now these are all that I am able to get my hands on! However THIS PART IS IMPORTANT, I am about to list the RULES and one part is to comment with which blush you would like, please comment with 2 blush names - No.1: YOUR FIRST AND PREFERRED CHOICE, No.2: YOUR SECOND CHOICE IF YOUR FIRST CHOICE ISN'T AVAILABLE. If you win (Yay!) and none of your choices are available I'll contact you and let you know and we'll go from there - but I don't think that's likely. 

  1. Giveaway is worldwide so anyone can enter!
  2. Follow this blog with Google Friend Connect
  3. Comment below (once!) with your 2 blush choices (stating clearly which is No.1 and which is No.2) and your email address so I can notify you if you've won.
  4. Giveaway will end 7th June 2012 12AM GMT, I will announce the winner the next day using 
  5. Please follow all these steps so that I can enter you for a chance to win

Thanks so much for entering, I hope you enjoy my blog!


EDIT - Sorry I had put the end date as 7th May - I meant 7th June! It's fixed now!
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