Friday, 8 June 2012

High on Highlighters! Review & Swatches

In makeup everybody seems to be talking about the glow, dew, radiance - well however you you may refer to it - highlighters add something special to one's look but can be easily overlooked. Having said that - it's become an integral part of my makeup routine since I have very dry skin and I like the dimension that it adds to my face - and if its the highlighter has colour I'll often pair it with bronzer and skip blush. 

Left to Right: Estee Lauder Shimmering Sands, Topaz Chameleon

Shimmering Sands: I like using this as a blush/highlight when I'm a little more tan - it really evokes a sun kissed look.

Topaz Chameleon: Due to its copper tone, this shade wakes up any bronzer - but I use it extremely lightly and sometimes pair it with Shimmering Sands

Both these products have that amazing 'tibrid' gelee texture and are incredibly smooth and pigmented.

Clockwise (ALL MAC): Pearl CCB, Superb MSF, Redhead MSF, Blonde MSF

Pearl CCB: This is a cream colour base meaning it can pretty much be used any where. Pearl is a stark gold and quite an obvious cheekbone highlight - good for going out. My favourite use for this is highlighting the inner corner of my eye and cupid's bow.

Superb MSF: Exact dupe of the highly coveted Estee Lauder Modern Mercury - right down to the texture. It's a great champagne highlight for light to medium skintones and even though it looks extremely metallic it is not so on the skin. 

Redhead MSF: I like this because it's peachy and rosey bronze at the same time and slightly undetectable - the texture isn't the smoothest but nonetheless it is pretty can be used as a blush on fairer skin tones.

Blonde MSF: This is a pinky shimmery colour that I like using as a blush as well - The pink is quite neutral and therefore I think will suit many people. 

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10

My only liquid highlight and it's worth the insane price - you can mix it with moisturiser/foundation and it gives you instant glow. The shimmer is so fine and sophisticated and is preferred by many makeup artists. Furthermore they have many colours in the range to suit a wide range of skin tones, the colour I have is sort of a peachy gold.

Dior Amber Diamond

This is one highlighter I don't think anyone even needs to talk about mentioning it seems to be enough. Because of its different stripes it suits almost anyone and is extremely smooth and finely milled. I would called this product buildable and therefore suitable for any occasion. Sure you can find dupes for this gold toned and not have to pay the excessive designer price but this is Dior so you are paying for packaging and quality.

Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Creme Dewey Glow - Rose Gold

I'm surprised at just how subtle this is - if you are warmer toned I would suggest this colour over Ice Gold. The texture is what makes this product - its so smooth, non sticky, long lasting and weightless on the skin. The compact is also slim and the tone is lovely for summer. I've been using this a lot lately and am not surprised at the hype over it in the blogging world. 

Illamasqua Lies

This is by far the softest texture of them all. I would really recommend this for dry skin as it has a lot of slip and therefore I'm not sure how well it would work on oilier skins. Lies is extremely shimmery, pinky toned and almost wet looking so not much of this product is needed. I like it because it's easy to use as it truly does feel like a cream. 

Left to Right: Guerlain Terra Inca, Sun In The City

Terra Inca: So I don't think anyone can disagree that this doesn't look amazing. I really like the colour of this and it can also be used to give a little bit of a holiday look. It is however extremely shimmery and will highlight imperfections so mature skins should stay away. Having said that it's a natural way to add warmth to your face. Terra Inca is from last years collection and I doubt you can find it anywhere now but if you do have it let me know how you use it!

Sun In the City: I've already done a review so you can check it out here!

Left to Right: Armani Fluid Sheer #10, Estee Lauder Shimmering Sands, Estee Lauder Topaz Chameleon, MAC Blonde MSF, MAC Redhead MSF, MAC Pearl CCB, MAC Superb MSF, Dior Amber Diamond, Jemma Kidd Rose Gold, Illamasqua Lies, Guerlain Terra Inca, Guerlain Sun in the City

What are you favourites?

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