Wednesday, 13 June 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow: #23 Black Star, #13 Burning Black Review & Swatches

Top - Bottom: #13 Burning Black, #23 Black Star

The other day I spotted these colours whilst shopping and upon swatching I fell in love! I don't know if they'll be named the same wherever you are but I have a feeling the numbering would be the same. I had seen a lot of hype about these shadows and was also told that they were reminiscent of Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill shadows but I don't own any to compare. The texture is like a pressed pigment, they are incredibly soft and pigmented, easy to apply and blendable too. All this for £6.99 and a choice of 20ish colours? Sounds like a dream to me. I wanted to pick up the colours that I didn't have too much of and would look amazing when sporting quite a heavily saturated look. These are designed to be very long wearing which was true on my lids but if you have problems with creasing I would suggest a primer/base.

Make sure you keep these plastic covers pressed on the eyeshadow - otherwise they'll become loose and dry out!
#23 Black Star

#23 Black Star is a lovely rich silverish gun mental with a strong metallic finish that looks foiled when packed onto the lid. I would love to use this with a warm brown like cork or even your bronzer blended out in the crease - the combination should be stunning! 

#13 Burning Black

#13 Burning Black is a dark burgundy/purple with hints of black - it's what i wished MAC's Beauty Marked to be and I'm so glad I came across it. 

Left to Right: #23 Black Star, #13 Burning Black

Left to Right: #13 Burning Black, #23 Black Star

Even though sometimes I get irritated with single eyeshadows as it's not as convenient as palettes I have a feeling that these two are going with me everywhere! The packaging is simple and not overly fussy and the quality is on par with luxury brands. I seriously urge you all if you haven't already to go try them out and let me know what you think!

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