Tuesday, 26 June 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte Perle #101 Beige Caress & #110 Incandescent Orange Review & Swatches

I've always been fond of YSL lip products and have a few of the Rouge Volupte formula, but if you don't already know the Rouge Voluptes are one of the most intensely pigmented lipsticks out there, so intense in fact you have to be careful and understand that they need to be applied lightly. So since summer is now upon us I wanted a couple of my favourite sorts of colours in a pigmented yet slight a smooth formula which brings me to telling you all about the Rouge Volupte Perle formula. 

These lipsticks come in 15 shades and various textures, both the ones I am showing have an elegant shimmer to them - nothing like a frosty lipstick but it does change the texture slightly. Now, I hate shimmer or glitter in lipsticks and I was quite shocked that I was drawn to these shades but on the lips is just makes your lips look fuller! There are also plain monotone colours within the range. 

Left to Right: #110 Incandescent Orange, #101 Beige Caress

When applying them - they feel like butter in that they have a lot of slip to them and are extremely moisturising. Having said that some of them including #101 Beige Caress have shimmer particles that you can feel on the lip which isn't that comfortable but if you like the colours (like I do) enough then maybe you could get past it. Next is the staying power - the less pigmented shades don't last for a lot of time but the brighter shades like #110 Incandescent Orange show up nice and pigmented and wear like a lipstick (average 4hrs) and leaves a bright stain behind. One thing I am going to address is the price (£23.50)  - yes you can get similar cheaper lipsticks or even better ones bearing in mind one's preference (although I think the original Rouge Voluptes are quite unique) but these are an indulgence, something special, making you feel sophisticated and proud all at the same time. So all in all - as a treat or if there is a colour that you love they are lovely but by all means one can very easily live without them.

#101 Beige Caress is a neutral beige with a goldy peachy sheen and gold shimmer. It's really suitable for the summer 'Bronze Goddess' type look. The shimmer does bother me a little and once the lipstick wears away you are left with a few glittery bits on the lips but I just love the effect on my lips so I'm willing to bear with it.
YSL Rouge Volupte Perle #101 Beige Caress

#110 Incandescent Orange is a bright orange/coral with a gold sheen. This might be a big claim to make but this is actually my favourite orangey lipstick - or maybe it's the kind of orange I'm favouring at the moment. The shimmer in this is much less than #101 and is mainly visible in the centre of the bottom lip making it look fuller. It's such a great summer lip colour - as though it makes you look more tan!
YSL Rouge Volupte #110 Incandescent Orange

The packaging… ahhhhh… some say heavenly, some say to die for - at the end of the day it's just packaging but is undoubtedly B-E-A-UTIFUL. Only think I find a lot of YSL products get scratched and then start looking shabby so I tend to keep them in a separate compartment or in its box - if you guys have more suggestions please let me know!

Go check these guys out next time you're out and about as they might be a better Rouge Volupte formula for you (a little thinner) and you still get the decadent feel of a YSL product.

So guys and gals….What do we think?
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