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Cinema Secrets Foundation Review & Swatches: Holy Grail

So I haven't yet spoken about one of my favourite foundation and I'm feeling bad now because I'm keeping it a secret! Nonetheless, without further ado.. here comes my full review on Cinema Secrets foundation!
I will list where I got these products down below - but I do know in the US you can order from and one also has the option of choosing to try samples for a small price in order to find your colour match. 

When I first heard about it - I couldn't find much online or where I could buy it in the UK. Furthermore, since I couldn't get hold of shades looking for colour swatches was really difficult. Luckily, Natalie (Miss Natty's Beauty Diary) has a great review that helped me out incredibly. EDIT: Check out Imani's (Nudelips on Youtube) here for her review too, her makeup is always flawless and I learned about theatrical foundation like Cinema Secrets whilst watching her videos!

I'm going to break this review down into sections…

Coverage: Full
Texture: Cream
Colour Range: Extremely extensive, I guarantee everyone's colour is available.
Finish: Natural (skin like), Dewy with a damp sponge
Longevity: 10hrs of flawless coverage when set with powder (this is on my skin, which even though is dry doesn't hold foundation well!) 
Sensitive Skin: YES!

I bought this foundation at the time of my brother's wedding because I needed something that would photograph well and heard Cinema Secrets did - so I went out scouting for it immediately. By the way it photographs amazingly! My favourite way to apply this is with the Beauty Blender/Cheaper Cosmopolitan Sponge - in my opinion this technique pushes it into the skin and sheers out the foundation just a tad giving a slightly dewy finish whilst a brush would give slightly heavier coverage - I use a steel spatula to take the foundation out in order to maintain hygiene. Since my skin is so dry I cannot use a powder (I have to to make my foundation last) unless my foundation is quite emollient and after testing several cream foundation this seems to be the most moisturising one. It is extremely pigmented so you don't need much at all (in fact the palette lasted me for a month in itself) and it spreads so easily providing excellent coverage and on top of that manages to be undetectable. I have also heard from people with oilier skins that it holds up very well. You might just need a little more powder, and a mattifying one if you want a matte finish.

Now on the shades…
Foundation Kit #3, Swatches from Left to Right: 301-63A, 302-65A, 303-66A, 201-67, 202-20
Since I didn't know which colour would be my match, and I couldn't get my hands on any samples, I decided to invest in a palette that incorporated most of the colours that would suit my medium olive complexion: Foundation Palette #3. For reference, the right hand side of my blog are my foundation shades in various brands. Turned out that #302-65A (NC30/35) was my perfect match and #303-66A (NC37ish) would be my colour when I'm very slightly tanned. Needless to say the palette lasted me quite a while and the other shades come in handy for concealing or contouring. I ended up ordering a small pot of #302-65A which I'm sure will last me a very long time! (0.25Oz/7.5g I didn't go for the bigger one simply because I didn't want it to go bad if I didn't finish it in time)

I was wearing this foundation in my previous FOTD post, click on the picture below to find out the rest of my makeup!

I realise that a little extra effort is required to find your correct match - but if you can, I would strongly suggest it. Let me know what foundations work best for you!

You can view all the shades available here

Another disadvantage on product availability - I had to figure out my shade, call and order it over the phone - which is not the most convenient. Lastly, below are the places where I know Cinema Secrets is available, depending on where you are you could enquire whether they ship to you.

Available at Oona Doherty Beauty Clinic (Ireland) €5 Postage
- Foundation Palette: 28.94
- Small (0.25Oz/7.5g) Pot of Foundation: 16.88
- Large (0.5Oz/15g)Pot of Foundation: 26.52
- Foundation Palette: 28.94

- Small (0.25Oz/7.5g) Pot of Foundation: 16.88
- Large (0.5Oz/15g)Pot of Foundation: 26.52

They sell the entire Cinema Secrets range as well as other brands and a whole host of professional cosmetics. 

………………………………………………………… (Worldwide Shipping)
- Foundation Palette: $23.99
- Small (0.25Oz/7.5g) Pot of Foundation: $13.99
- Large (0.5Oz/15g)Pot of Foundation: $21.99
-Samples: $3.99



    4400 Riverside Drive., Burbank, CA 91505
    toll free (855) 966-2443

    I know in the USA you can call in and ask for foundation samples to be sent to you to try out colors for free!!

    1. Thanks so much for such useful information! Appreciate it :)

  2. awesome review!! I'm really interested in this company now :))

    1. Thanks! Great - I hope you're as impressed as I am! xx

  3. Hi
    I would like to purchase the product,I'm in australia and do u post here and how much postage is charged

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I do not sell this product and have no clue where it is available in Australia but I do know that ships worldwide so you could try there or google it and try find something close to you :) Hope that helps


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