Monday, 17 September 2012

YSL Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer #2: Review & Swatches

I'm back! I took a little break as other areas of my life required a little attention and since class is starting up again I've been having to get organised. Nonetheless, I have some exciting posts coming up!

Like an absolute dummy I forgot to bring my concealer with me when I came home for a little while. So naturally this meant I needed to buy one, and why not take this opportunity to try something new.
I had heard some great things about the Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer but since that was not available to me I when around swatching and getting a feel for concealers from all different brands. I decided that I wanted a concealer stick as I've never had one before and though it would be convenient and thus honed in on two brands, Clarins & YSL. I felt as though Clarins was a little bit dryer and stiffer in consistency and although this might make it last longer on the skin - I just couldn't get along with the colours. 

YSL on the other hand, had four colours to choose from - of them one included a peachy tone, but since I was looking for something to cover up redness I settled for the yellow toned #2 Nude Beige. 
Packaging: AHHH-MAZING! Yes it attracts fingerprints - but are you really going to wave your concealer around at people? No. So it doesn't matter in the slightest. 
Coverage: High and extremely pigmented - (can be layered as well & because it spreads evenly it doesn't get cakey) 
Consistency: Very creamy, smooth and easy to blend
Longevity: NEEDS to be set with powder, 5-6 hrs
Price: £22, 2g
One of things I love about YSL's concealer stick is the colour. It's such a lovely mach for my NC30/35 complexion and has a well balanced all around tone in that it's not too yellow or too pink making it useful for under the eyes as well.

This concealer has been working really well for me as I'm really fond of the fact that it's creamy, opaque and compact! I carry it in my bag and it's great for on the go touch ups, especially when I'm having a casual no makeup day. If my dark circles aren't too obvious on a particular day I'll just go ahead and put it under the eyes and thankfully it doesn't settle into any of my fine lines.

I recommend checking YSL Anti-Cernes in store and testing it on your skin first and concealers can sit very differently on different skin types and due to it's creaminess I'm not sure how well it would act on an oilier skin. It's not the best value for your money as I suspect one would finish it pretty quickly but if you're looking for convenience and if your budget allows it - check this one out and let me know what you think!

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